Usercard Redesign Experiment

I tried your settings, but It doesn’t seem I’m able to reproduce.

Just to be sure – are you zooming in after you open a user card modal, or does the user card always appear as your screenshot every time you click on an avatar?

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Hi @Arkshine , I first zoom in, and then click on the avatar.

So it might be an even deeper issue, I also use a text scaling factor at the operating system level of 1.1 (or else text is too tiny on the high DPI screen). Firefox doesn’t respect that OS setting, but I believe that Chromium does. So maybe try it with Firefox to level the playing field, at like 130% and a fully maximized window.

Hi how can I disable cakeday from displaying on the card?


In core there is no way to hide this from appearing. The way to do this with this component though, would be to add some custom CSS to a separate component and target:

.d-user-card__cakeday {
    display: none;

Hi, thanks I already did hide it via css in the same. Was wondering if it had an option to disable it, given my users got the wrong impression of what it was for. But thanks for the component, much appreciated.

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The “Chat” button is the wrong size on the usercards. Reproduced on iPad mini 5th generation, both in Safari and DiscourseHub.

Edit: This was already reported before, but I forgot to search, thank you @Moin for pointing that out


This should be fixed here on Meta now, I applied a positioning fix yesterday… but let us know if the issue persists


Nice, thanks @awesomerobot .