Usernames getting modified – numeral “1” being added

So i have the same problem from this topic Usernames getting modified – numeral "1" being added

but the thing is the additional “1” is being on/off as you logged in/out and for those usernames with 1 already at the end of the username will be iterated to 2.

Are you using SSO? This implies the usernames are already taken at the time of “signup”.


yes we are using SSO. but we are using the same email when using the SSO and the username in discourse will have “1” or being iterated if there is already a 1 in their username. In above attached thread it was a bug and was fixed. Maybe it happened again?

It’s more likely something is wrong with your SSO implementation – it sounds like “log me in again as user X!” is instead coming across as “create me as a new user with the name X!” so I suggest double and triple checking the SSO documentation and your implementation of it.

You can also turn on verbose SSO logging in your site settings as I recall.


After enabling SSO verbose logs, pay attention to the external_id you are sending Discourse. That value must be


the problem now is when I logged in for the first time it will have “1” but when I relogged in. it was gone and back to original. It is like an on / off switch whenever I tried to logged in.

That means the your webservice that implements the SSO protocol is flaky.

Enable verbose logs so you can track the bug on it.


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