Users allowed to see only some categories

We have a requirement where after single sign-on from our Platform, user will be redirected to Discourse. What we want is, that after logging in user should be redirected to a specific category and other categories should not be visible to him, or if that’s not possible then the respective category which he is part of should be highlighted.

Example of expected flow,

Healthcare user on our platform → Single Sign on → Redirects to Healthcare category on discourse and highlight the same. User should be able to see only the category we want him to.

Is there a way we can do it programitcally?

So, everytime user signs in to discourse, we are going to send this group parameter?

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Yes, you’ll include the user’s group(s) in the SSO load. It’s documented in Setup DiscourseConnect - Official Single-Sign-On for Discourse (sso)