Users by sso logins are not display in users

Dear Discourse team

As the title says, how can i make the users by sso logins display in users page?

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They should be displayed after their first login, as that process will create the user.

Users who haven’t visited and signed in via SSO won’t appear as they haven’t been created within Discourse yet.


not like this, they are already login and creat many topics, they are users page from admin panel, not display in page.

How long has SSO been active for?

5 months ago, almost all users log in through sso,
so my users page only a few users registed by myself for site testing.

That page is updated by a periodic process. Is sidekiq running?


Yes, you’re right, :stuck_out_tongue:
Seeing your reply, I checked it. 1 thousand users have been updated.
Thanks very much, and discourse is so good.

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