Users created via SAML don't display on Users list

We have implemented SAML login to Discourse with a Joomla site acting as IDP (Identity Provider) using a plugin from Mini-Orange.

Things are working fairly well and when a Joomla user first logs in on the Discourse site, a profile is automatically created for them. All good.

They do show Associated Accounts
SAML when viewing their profile

However, when displaying the directory of users in the non-admin part of Discourse, none of these SAML-created users appear in the list.

They do appear in the user list under admin.

Does anyone know how to make these “associated” users appear in the user directory?

I think that list gets cached. You can look at /sidekiq and look for the job that night be the one that builds that list.

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The ‘Today’ view is refreshed hourly (Jobs::DirectoryRefreshDaily), and the rest are done daily (Jobs::DirectoryRefreshOlder). As Pfaffman says, you can trigger the jobs manually from your /sidekiq/scheduler page if you want to speed them up. :+1:

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Thanks. You were right!

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