Users cannot request to join group

At some point in the past month or so, users lost the ability to request membership of a key group that we use to gate access to the majority of the forum and I’m unsure why.

I’ve searched on the topic and only see old mentions of it, mostly in 2017 when the request mechanism was changing, but nothing in 2023.

Submit request button greyed out (has a red circle with line through it on mouseover):

Any ideas on what could’ve gone wrong here? I tried it as a dummy TL0 and TL1 user, neither could submit.

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There’s a recent bug topic created about this:

I think there’s also a workaround in there as well that may help in the short term. :crossed_fingers:


Thank you! That does indeed work

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What version of Discourse are you using? Atm on mine it is working on Tests passed.

Also can also use this code in Category settings

To participate in category you need to <a href="/g/GroupName/members">Apply</a>

Not sure though if on Stable Branch. The code adds a link in the csnnot post message.

The bug mentioned in the second post was fixed. So, it’s not surprising that it works for you with the most recent version.

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Awesome good to know thanks.

I’m on 3.2.0.beta2-dev but definitely need the workaround from the second post link to solve my OP problem here.

You need to take a closer look at which version you are on. As long as there is no new beta release, the version name will not change. So, while 3.2.0.beta2 is in development, your version will continue to show as 3.2.0.beta2-dev. There are new commits every day, for example, the fix from yesterday.

You can find the exact version on your admin dashboard. Also, consider having a look at Find what version of Discourse you're using. It provides a helpful explanation about the exact GitHub commit.


I missed the extra text on the admin dashboard: ebe68e15fc

It’s not offering an upgrade to me there like it usually does when one is available. I do see the upgrade availability on the upgrade page.

There is almost always an upgrade available.

You can click the upgrade link anyway and do an upgrade.

Thanks. Yep, I better understand the release process for discourse now!


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