Users not receiving emails after a restore

I use mailgun 587 port for my self-hosting site. And I can receive email when setting up admin account to complete installation. However, when sign up new users my site doesn’t send “Confirm your new account” email. Mailgun logs doesn’t log emails either. There must be something wrong in application? But the production.log doesn’t output error related.
I run discourse-doctor and able to send testing email and I got 10/10 from I cannot find a similar issue from meta.

Does any one has any suggestions?

Could you check whether you have disable emails set to ‘non-staff’?


Thanks @JammyDodger! Your answer saves tons of my research time… I didn’t even know there’s such a settings even search through all emails related setting and posts in this forums and I even debugged into code level…

What’s the default value of this settings, it’s “no” I assume? My previous setting is “non-stuff” I don’t know when it’s set? Is it when “migration” as mentioned in this post Send only system emails when disable email setting is on - #5 by Stephen? I did do a data restore operation to the site before signing up new users account.

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That’s the one. :+1: It’s automatically set to ‘non-staff’ after a restore so as not to inundate everyone with emails. It would normally be ‘no’ by default.


It is set automatically after a restore. It’s much worse to have a test site sending out a bunch of emails than… Almost anything else on the world.

There is a banner saying that outgoing mail is disabled.


I must miss the message then. I thought there should be a notification for any settings would be changed by the restore. Or much better by

  1. Admin should be notified that any settings are changed due to “restore” (there’s no such message sent now)
  2. In this new user sign-up, they should aware that their activated emails are blocked due to some reasons. rather than the site run as normal sending “An activation emails has sent to your email… to activate your account …” This is misleading.

Unless you have somehow hidden it with a theme, or there is a new regression, there is a banner at the top of the page that everyone can see. It’s more obvious than a notification.

It’s a little confusing that it will say that an email has been sent when it is blocked by the setting, but there is a banner that should tell people not to try to register for an account.

Thanks further explanation! That’s fine to have a banner (you have to close it or it persists on page top?). Well, the admin/staff should know the ‘disable emails’ should change back to allow users registration.

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