Using back button when image is open in mobile

in mobile experience, since you don’t have extra space you often click on the back button to close an enlarged image.

in a user experience, when you click an image to enlarge it, and then use the back button, you would expect the image gets closed. but here you’ll go to the previous page.

does anyone else faced this problem?

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Not personally. It’s when I want to go to the previous page that I use the back button.

When I want to close a modal, which the larger image is, I sometimes tap the “x” but most often tap within the viewport but outside of the modal.

Are you finding the close too small a tap target / don’t have enough area to tap outside of the modal, or is this only your habit?

thanks. it’s been reported by our users, I don’t use the mobile app.

I guess the habit comes from other application experiences, e.g. instagram.


Duplicate topic, covered elsewhere.