Using discourse as a company-wide email platform


I would like to use discourse as the only mailing-platform for a small company (including the personal mailboxes of the employees). There are a few general mail addresses like or and the personal mailboxes for every member of the company:,

I can setup the general mail addresses using categories (without restricted access) or group mailboxes, so far so good.
What I need, is setting up mail addresses for the personal inboxes of users, that the mails coming to appear in the mail-box of user person1 as a conversation between person1 and the sender of the mail (staged user).

Is this already implemented and I’m missing it? Or could it be a feature for the future?

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This isn’t implemented but can be achievable if you are willing to spend a weekend configuring groups.

basically, You’ll have to create a Unique group per user and then assign a group email address to it. Now, the catch is that you’ll only add one user per such group and make them the owner.