Using Discourse as a social media platform

This #theme-component in combination with trending tags would be an absolute game changer for a multi-feed view!

Speaking of tags, it’d be awesome if there was a #plugin that suggested various tags (relevant ones) that a user could put into their post while typing it. Not only does it generally fit well in a social media platform, it would also simply just encourage users to use tags more often. This is definitely worth looking into! :mag_right:

Changing “topics” to “posts” and “posts” to “replies” might be much more difficult than originally thought… :thinking:

We should also look into how many tags a Discourse instance can handle without bringing it to its knees.

I totally forgot about widgets! We should definitely take advantage of them if possible.

There was a ton of discussion in this topic surrounding a feed view in Discourse. We should learn to avoid certain caveats.