Using Discourse as you do for the Blog

(Julius) #1

Hi guys,

I tried to find the best category to post this, I could not find one for pre-purchase/install questions. I hope I am not mis-posting (please point me in the right direction if so).

I would like to use Discourse as a forum but also as a comment system as you do for your blog. I would like to automatically generate discussions whenever we publish a blog post on WordPress and get readers to comment on the forum.

Can you point me to any documentation or FAQ in this sense?


(omfg) #2

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #3

The last version of the official plugin is here:

It’s still not considered Stable (which is why you can’t find it on the official WP repo yet), but many have been using it on their live sites for a long time without issue, myself included.

(Julius) #4

Thanks for the exhaustive reply @erlend_sh