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Hi! I have just set up the WordPress Discourse plugin.

Question: When a blog reader leaves a comment on our blog, is it possible for that comment to be published on our forum automatically?

I guess there would be two scenarios: A where the blog is published on the forum through the WP Discourse plugin and B where it’s an old blog that’s not on our forum.

This topic should have all the information you need :slight_smile:


Hi Lucy,

As far as I know, there is currently no official, or unofficial publicly available solution to publish comments from Wordpress to Discourse.
So, it would require custom work. I am aware of two occurrences of private/unavailable WordPress plugins created for this purpose in the past.

Ideally (but depending on your needs), all the older blog posts could be synced with WP-Discourse, which can also be done with a custom Wordpress script.

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Do you know the names of those private WP plugins?

One was a proprietary one used by a French IT news website (I don’t remember the name of the site), and the other one was a project I participated in but which was never really finished. So, a reliable solution has yet to be created.

Ok, thanks.