Using Discourse on a Drupal site

Anyone have experience using Discourse on a Drupal site?

Drupal and Discourse are separate applications, so your question doesn’t quite make sense. You’ll probably want drupal and Discourse on separate servers (it’s much easier than running them on the same server).

But trying not to be pedantic, I’m about to start a drupal integration that has Discourse authenticate against drupal. You might also have drupal use Discourse for comments.

How do you want Discourse and drupal that work together?


Hi Jay,
I manage Flexible Learning Environments Exchange - there is a public website, and membership-based community and portal. The portal is built in Drupal, and I need a member community discussion forum. Members login, have a member profile, can add various content throughout the site, and can participate in the discussion forum under the COMMUNITY tab. The ‘out of the box’ drupal forum is severely lacking. Wondering the same thing that Susan asking and started this thread. Could Discourse somehow ‘live’ inside my Drupal-based portal under the “COMMUNITY” tab and provide the community forum experience, but be integrated with the rest of my site, not requiring another login?


It should be possible to configure SSO so that people don’t need to log in again. It’s easiest to put discourse on a sub domain and not in a sufficient.

How to do that is beyond what I can explain here. If you have a budget you can contact me directly through my address in my profile, or post in #marketplace.

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