Using Google Search Console with Cloudflare via DNS TXT records

Hello, I’m using cloudflare, and when I go to google search console, I get a txt thing up, can someone guide me how exactly I get my discourse forum indexed when using cloudflare? Really appreciated

If cloudflare is keeping Google from your forum then you should ask on a cloudflare forum how to fix that. You can find dozens of topics here about people having trouble with cloudflare. The easiest solution is to make it dns only.

I’m not sure the above implies blocking, it sounds a lot like the prompt at the GSC to add a TXT record to authorize a domain.

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Oh! Yes. That’s what he means. I got that one wrong. :man_shrugging:

Yeah, I use DNS settings on cloudflare to get https

But I want to get my site indexed, and on google search console I’m told to put a TXT string in my dns settings

But I have no idea what to put in the “name” field and “ttl”

Please see if you can find enough information in theese two pages:

The first is for Google Workspace, but should be the same process in Cloudflare

The second is for Google Search, which is what you are looking for, but with screenshots/guidande of lower quality.


thank you! it worked!

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