Google Search Console setup problems

I tried to verify my google search console. I followed this guide: How to set up Google Webmaster Tools validation in Discourse?:

Unfortunately, it didn’t work for me. Here’s what I tried:

  1. Created a new theme component
  2. Added the html tag to the theme components
  3. Then I added the theme component to each available theme

Now here’s the problem. When I click “Preview”, then I find the google-site-verification tag.

But as soon as I leave the preview mode, it’s gone. Also Google Search Console can’t find it :sob:
My forum is here:

To make sure it’s not an issue that’s already fixed, I updated discourse about 10 minutes ago. Still the same problem.

Am I missing something here?

If you can’t figure it out, why don’t you use DNS verification instead?

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I’m not an expert here :yum:
But, I think DNS verification is not available for google search console. Here’s a screen shot of the different options I can choose from:
Seems like DNS is not available yet.

Do you have an idea what could be wrong here? Was my approach correct?

Did you add this to the default theme are you running latest?

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I added the theme component that I called “Google Verification” to all three default themes.

Here is some additional info:

  • I haven’t checked the “Theme is enabled by default” for any theme.
  • Before I added “GoogleVerificaton” to “Theme Components” there was a little checkbox, I didn’t check that. Now it’s gone. It only reappears if I remove the “GoogleVerification” component
  • I already tried a different Theme component to add some menu links back to my homepage with CSS and HTML. Is it possible that I broke something there?

I did perform an update this morning. I didn’t work before and also doesn’t work after the update.

For me it feels like it removes any theme component that I add there. Because the component I created for the custom html and CSS header, worked for a while but then stopped working - so I removed it a couple days ago.

Is it possible that I permanently broke something by adding custom CSS, even if I removed all custom CSS afterwards?

You need to have one of your themes set as enabled by default


Hey awesome, that solved it :heart_eyes:. Thank you very much.

Sry if I might have missed that somewhere in the instructions.

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