Using IPv6 NAT function in Docker with Discourse

for your information, I just did create a pull request for the web.ssl.template.yml to be able to use the IPv6 NAT function of Docker in a Discourse instance.
With my change I was able to use the IPv6 NAT of Docker with Discourse.
Without my change, requests from IP6 clients were rejected by Discourse, only requests from IP4 clients were accepted.
NAT IP6 is now handled by Docker similiar to NAT IP4.

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can someone from the discourse core developer team please check my PR.
So that it get either merged or rejected and closed.

The trouble here is that I am not sure we want to increase this surface by default.

I am mixed on changing this for all installs, exposing v6 may or may not be the intent of the user.

Will ask internally if we would like to make the change or not.


Agreed. The following is a better way to do this and gives an easy avenue to opt into this behaviour:


thanks for the PR.and that is was merged immediately into discourse docker.
I just did the git pull, enabled the “templates/web.ipv6.template.yml” in the app.yml and did the rebuild of the app after I had disabled my changes in web.ssl.template.yml.

Our site is still running fine on IPv4 and IPv6. :wink:


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