Using s3: "backup with uploads" settings

I just followed the instructions to configure automatic backups and set up file and image uploads to s3

I am a little confused about the following setting:
backup with uploads include uploads in scheduled backups. Disabling this will only backup the database.

So if I have separate buckets for upload and backup, should I check this or not? I wasn’t sure if this would somehow try to store my uploads in the backup bucket…?

By default backups do not include uploads stored on S3 as it’s usually a waste of bandwidth a disk space. You need to enable the hidden include_s3_uploads_in_backups setting in order to change this behavior.

But if I understand your question correctly you don’t want your backups to contain uploads stored on S3, so you don’t have to change any settings.


Thanks! I wonder if it’s worth putting an explanatory note on that setting to that effect?

What explanatory note are you proposing? Can you write it out?