Using Topic Templates for posts made via email


Our users do a lot of their reading and posting via e-mail. Sometimes they reply to a post not realising it will go to all watchers of that category - when they actually meant to send it only to the original poster.

When users post via the web or the app we can include some guidance on this to recipients using a Topic Template - see below. But when they post via e-mail the template does not appear in the post. Is there a way to use the templates in posts by email? Other suggestions also welcome. I tried footnotes but they don’t work well in posts read by e-mail



Hi @mikesouth :slight_smile:

Replying by email is linked to the specific notification you received the email for. If you receive an email about a reply/quote/mention/etc notification, when you reply by email it will be automatically linked to the post that generated the notification. I don’t believe there’s a way to break that link and reply to the topic in general without posting directly to the site.