Using Wordpress/Discourse

We will be using “Discourse hosted” on one of our new Wordpress ventures as it truly is awesome, just getting to grips with it and we will be installing the Plugin shortly. We have a few questions though :-

  1. If a guest signs up using Facebook Login on either platform will this cause issues?
  2. Is there a way to have just one login/register section for both sites?
  3. Has anyone got the Wordpress header into Discourse?
  4. Has anyone got the Discourse notifications working in the Wordpress Menu?
  5. Has anyone got notifications working with OneSignal.

Thanks in advance if anyone can answer these questions.

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I don’t think that will cause any issues.

Yes, there is a great way called SSO

Links can be added to discourse using theme components but carrying 100% of wordpress header is neither ideal nor recommend

This has never been tried as far as I’m aware.

Which notifications?


Basically I want to get my site

Integrated with

I have created an Android WebView App and got it working and sending out notifications of posts (using OneSignal).

I now want to get a hosted Discourse solution to integrate with Wordpress (but use the wordpress menu) and have the members Discourse notifications in the main menu using OneSignal (if i am making sense)

As long as the SSO uses the same Device ID and can be pulled from a DB surely this will be possible or am i dreaming :wink:

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There was a plugin to send push notifications using onesignal but I’m not sure how much helpful it’ll be in this case since I believe it was a 3rd party plugin which is not an option on hosted discourse.

You’ll need someone to do the design work to make discourse menu look like WordPress but even then, there will be some visual cues that will remain as discourse menu contains some options that are crucial to the operation.

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How does this site work, as soon as you just messaged, I got the notification in my browser. I would just need to find that hook then setup a few lines of code :wink:

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I had replied to Your post, not messaged :smile:
About the notifications, I’m not very technically sound to answer that but I assume it is the magic dust and message bus in the play.

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Sorry its 5am nearly here haha, i meant “replied”.


With the WP Discourse plugin you can configure WordPress to be the SSO provider for Discourse. This means that all authentication for your Discourse site will happen on WordPress. An example of how it works is that if a user clicks the Login button on your Discourse site, they will be automatically redirected to WordPress, taken through the login process there, and then be redirected to Discourse.

If you enable SSO, social logins will only be in place on your WordPress site. If you add Facebook login to your WordPress site, users will be able to login to WordPress through Facebook, and then login to Discourse via WordPress.

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Thats awesome and thanks for the reply, thats the next thing on the todo list.

After using Discourse it is not what i thought it was (have used bbpress, wpforo, buddypress and loads more that are well below par) It is amazing and well thought out. We won’t be tinkering about with this too much, I was expecting to have to do some work but it just works out of the box.

My concerns now are the push notifications on a webview style app and also the fact i have done nearly 1k page views on my own out of the 100k. I am thinking we will be hitting half a million page views a month and with no income and being a startup this may be a stumbling block. How flexible is Discourse ?

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The pageview limit on our hosting is a soft limit. If you exceed it for a few months we’ll get in touch with you. You are unlikely to exceed it in your first month.

Here’s a good example: The WordPress header has been recreated with HTML and added to the Header section of a theme component.

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I agree as the sites not being officially launched till April, but we will be expecting 50-100k+ visitors a month. We sent out a few links about our wordpress site about the new launch and had 12k in a month so we have to prepare for the costs involved.

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An example is this, we have somehow hit 1.5k pageviews just me and another mod in 2 days on our Discourse site