Vbulletin 4 import -


(I don’t have ROR experience)

I have been following the guide and in the last step when I run “bundle exec rails server”, there are “MiniScheduler::Stat Create …” and " MiniScheduler::Stat Update" commands running for hours. My old forum is fairly small with 6k posts.

Do this take long time to create all the MiniScheduler?

(I will try to keep all the questions related to my import in the same topic)

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That’s the web server. It runs forever. Maybe check /sidekiq to see that it’s done, but it certainly is. Now you’ll need to make a backup and move it to your production server.


Thanks Jay.

I was testing few things.

So, I used DigitalOcean’s Discourse marketplace image to create the forum and tested to see everything is working fine.

Then I followed this tutorial - Beginners Guide to Install Discourse on Ubuntu for Development and Importing from vBulletin 4 for DB migration.

Now can I bind port 3000 to listen to the development application that runs vb DB?

If not, any additional steps necessary?

Many thanks,

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You’ll need to backup in the development instance and restore to the production one.

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I made a mistake of having the development and another discourse (which was created via DO Discourse image) on the same server :see_no_evil:

As such I’m unable to access the development instance through web, is it possible to take a backup via command line (similar to restore via command line)? :slight_smile:

I can ofcourse take a backup of DB through pg_dump discourse_development > discourse_development_bkup, But I think, that’s not the right way.