Version 1.5.1 - different policy?

(Michael - #1

Did you change your policy with respect to minor version updates on master?

Just being curious - you used to have only some security updates in minor versions on stable, but it seems that you moved a LOT of stuff in 1.5.1 this time. :slight_smile:

(cpradio) #2

I think it was bugs that regressed and so they back-ported them to ensure a consistent experience.

(Michael - #3

No, there are lots of features in there as well, Commits · discourse/discourse · GitHub

(cpradio) #4

Yeah, I see that. My guess is merging the group between the last fix and the first fix was easier than trying to merge individual commits over the past week.

(Robin Ward) #5

We did this last time too, but essentially the week after stable a lot more reports come in for things that should be fixed and we tend to backport all those fixes.

@neil went through the commits, assessing which ones were risky and which weren’t before picking them over.

(Neil Lalonde) #6

Yeah some low-risk small features are in there too, but it was mainly the bug fixes that needed to be merged. I stopped before the commit that added multiple worker queues which is definitely not going into 1.5 stable. From now on 1.5 stable will only get critical security and bug fixes.