Version check for new stable release?

I’d like to run the latest stable version of Discourse, but not install beta versions. Currently, I get an email from my Discourse instance any time there’s a new beta, but that’s not helpful – and there is no email for new stable versions. I tried subscribing to GitHub’s “releases” for the Discourse repo, but there I am getting no email at all (which is of course not your fault, but would have been a way to mitigate this).

Is there any way to configure the built-in update check if Discourse to only take newer stable releases into account? If not, is there any chance this option might be added in the future?

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Change app.yml version from “tests-passed” to “stable”. That should only notify you if a new stable version is ready then :slight_smile:


I currently had it set to the latest stable version manually, and that was not enough – but maybe that’s a fallback behavior.

I’ll try this, thanks!

If you’re already on tests-passed you won’t be stable until the next stable release. Note that in some ways tests-passed is more stable than stable as it’s what runs, so it’s the best tested.

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I was previously hopping from tag to tag. Seems like when built for v2.2.3, Discourse interprets this as looking for beta updates, not stable updates. Not sure if anything can be done about that?

Now I remember why I wasn’t on stable: that one can actually end up not corresponding to a tag, like currently it is one commit ahead of the latest release. Oh well.

Fair. On the other hand, I don’t want to have to update quite so often.

Have you rebuilt since changing your app.yml from tests-passed to stable?

If not please don’t try to until stable catches up, as downgrading is totally unsupported and can ruin your database.

As @pfaffman has already mentioned, being on tests-passed is usually the safer option.

I haven’t been on test-passed since forever. I was on v2.2.0 until this morning and then moved to v2.2.3 just before starting this thread.

I suppose you mean unsupported.

Right, so when you said:

It suggests you currently aren’t.

Correct, fat fingers+autocorrect bested me there.