Version Numbers out-of-sync

This happened again.

Edit: Build 336 affected, too.

Anything weird here @neil?

Can confirm für +338 - I just ran the upgrade with 2 incoming commits - but the upgrader seems to be stuck in the beta10?!

The version.rb file was definitely updated in the repo (in tests-passed too), but still has PRE = ‘beta10’ on installs that were upgraded… How can that happen?

It’s due to this:

$ git lg master v1.4.0.beta11


* | 9548876 - FIX: Some keyboard commands should not fire when anonymous (3 days ago) <Robin Ward>
* | 5b8917e - Version bump to v1.4.0.beta11 (3 days ago) <Neil Lalonde>
* | 4f890a4 - FIX: automatically load pages of topics list until it fills up the entire screen (3 days ago) <Régis Hanol>
| | * 53435cf - (tag: v1.4.0.beta11) Version bump to v1.4.0.beta11 (3 days ago) <Neil Lalonde>
| |/  
* | 3ee5cea - fix the build (4 days ago) <Régis Hanol>
* | 31e8309 - FIX: ensure we never have a string when an enum is Fixnum - Take 2 (4 days ago) <Régis Hanol>

The beta tag isn’t included in the master branch, so git describe can’t use it…


Aha, thanks for spotting that @riking. I moved the tags to the master branch.