Vertical post editor - widescreen high res friendly post composition

On wide high res displays I have a lot of horizontal space, but vertical space is at a premium. I’d love to see a vertical post editor, maybe something like this:

With a vertically oriented editor, navigation of threads while composing is a lot easier, as is composing a multi-quote/multi-user reply.

Here’s a topic view, everything stays full width, the forum just jumps to the left as the post editor slides in from the right:

Is this something a theme component or plugin could handle, or would this need to be part of core?


Interesting concept, but it would be extremely difficult to implement. The horizontal design is baked into the code from day zero.


It should be possible in a theme. The composer is a fixed element, so it’s already positioned separate from the main page content, which makes repositioning it fairly straightforward… the trickier part is rearranging the content of the composer itself.


I like this idea a lot, 100% agree this could be a great way to use my tons of extra horizontal space on an iMac, particularly useful for replies with extensive quoting.

And strong precedent for example with horizontal vs. vertical docking of browser dev tools.

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