Vertical split for Kanban Board

thanks @david for developing this awesome component and all those who helped

Feature Idea: vertical split

I tinkered around a bit with the css (on the browser console) to produce the intended results, but I am not too familiar with javascript or developing for discourse. So this is just an idea in case anyone wants to tinker with it.

Is this something others feel the need for?

Why can this be needed?

I think side-scrolling to see other boards it a bit unpractical and I’ve changed my board to have only four columns and be centered. Like the picture bellow:

But I can’t crunch more into the same screen with the way it currently works. Additionally, people who have a “#done” category, don’t really need much space for it (just need to be visible for easy dragging task to “done” and that could be split vertically with something else.

Use-case example

The kanban increases a lot visibility of posts that could be otherwise be hidden in subcategories. And sometimes they’re too many to just pin them.

In my particular case, this would be useful to help people see clearly what’s being voted on (#voting) straight on the main category where kanban is without having to look for them.

Implementation challenges

One issue that I think could arise would be how this would be specified in the user configuration. One solution I can think of is adding [] brackets to represent what is vertical like so:

Before: internal:tags:to-do,in-progress,blocked,[done,volting]

Another solution could be drag and drop of categories themselves (just like a multi-pane text editor) and allow an admin to save as default.