Vertical Timeline problem

(Dungeon Mistress) #1

I’m a Moderator at the, and yesterday we received the update to the Vertical Timeline.

It’s all good when there are enough posts to make the timeline appear, however, when there are only 1-2 posts, it isn’t there.


My problem is that the wrench icon that appears above the Vertical Timeline only appears below the posts.

Timeline with Wrench Icon

When I use the lower Wrench Icon, the menu opens at the top and I’m unable to select/click on what I want.

Menu misplacement

Any suggestions?

Mod Tools Menu misaligned
(Jeff Atwood) #2

Well that’s odd, the wrench at the bottom should open up. Any ideas there @eviltrout?

(Robin Ward) #3

Looks like the wrench wasn’t taking into account a custom header height. I have a fix that should be deployed shortly:

(Dungeon Mistress) #4

And, it’s fixed!

Thanks so much!

(Jeff Atwood) #5