View progress towards a badge?

Is there a way for me to see my progress towards a badge?

As in, how many likes to need to get/receive to earn back Regular (TL3)?

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I will direct you to this old topic and post your question there:

Sure, it’s related, and did remind me that I can view my summary for this information:

But that’s overall, not in a given range.

To take that a step further, I could view:

and interpolate an answer:

So, it should just be a matter of waiting for a daily reset before I’m back to TL3, bc I think I meet the goals now.

but none of this answers my original question… how can I see how I’m doing for any given badge.

I believe users can’t right now.
More experienced users or a team member can give you an straight answer.

For Discourse Meta, I suggest PMing one of the staff and asking them for more information.

Generally, users are not meant to see the progress on acquiring a badge, or requirement stats.

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IMHO this is how it should be.

That is, for the most part the granting of Badges / Trust Level should be the result of natural activity / an Admin decision.

A lot of requirements can be adjusted by the Admin and indeed, Badges can be granted / revoked and Trust Levels can be granted / revoked / locked independent of any code doing so automatically.

Similar to getting a site to have good position in SERPs, the best advice is to do things naturally.

For Discourse that means:

  • visit often
  • read much
  • show appreciation of other members good posts
  • make good posts yourself when you can

It really is that simple. The criteria used are not “perfect” perhaps, but they are very good indicators of a members involvement in the forum.

As for members being able to see other members requirement statistics, heavens no please.
This could result in less noble emotions gaining a foothold and I see no good coming from it.

As for members seeing their own requirement statistics, true, curiosity is a “normal” human trait, but the ability to see the requirement statistics would likely lead to a lot of extra “work” explaining why certain requirement Settings are what they are and would be extremely awkward if a member had met all the requirements but their Trust Level had been locked.


All good thoughts & feedback. I’ve reached out to support. Thanks!

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