Visualising your online community – how would you do it?

Did anyone ever thought of visualising their community? On a map, or as a graph, or as a Voronoi diagram, or as a diagram of any other type, or … ?

If so, may you share your thoughts pls and elaborate? How do you want it? How would you use it?

For instance, I don’t find anything like insightful or readable:


For what purpose? What problem does this solve, what insight does this deliver?


It might be a good idea to visualize the relationships and connections between the core members similar to the mapping the structure of any complex system such as the atoms and molecules in matter.

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Visualisations such as the branching tree used by Kialo can be useful in tracking various lines of discourse within a topic, although visualisations also often exist for the sake of it. Using Kialo as an example again; their topology chart doesn’t really serve any purpose for me, aside from providing a vague idea of the direction in which the debate has been heading.

Kialo Interactive Tree:

Kialo Interactive Topology: