Voting box does not appear

I’m using the voting plugin and I wonder why the “voting box” doesn’t appear at the left of the topics?
See the screenshot below. I only see a very small “47 votes” below the topic subject, but I can’t find how to make the left box appear at the left of the topic.

This is the box I’m talking about:


Do you use the theme-component?

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I have using nearly default Discourse installation. No specific installed themes:

And just a few components:

Are you implying that the voting box only appear when a specific theme is installed?
From the link you provided, it looks like the voting box of that theme is different from the one I pasted in my first message (which seems like it should be the “default” voting box).

That box only shows inside the topic by default. Your screenshot here

is the topic list. The box is not displayed there. You need to enter the topic to see the box.

The theme component shared above is an add-on that makes it possible to show the box on topic lists.


Ah, now it makes sense! Thanks a lot!

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