Vultr SSD vs NVME

I have doubts about the 2 VPS, does it make a lot of difference to the common ssd for NVME?



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Just for kicks I recently upgraded from Vultr’s regular Cloud $5 instance to their High Frequency one at $6 to see if I could tell any difference in speed and such for an extra $1/mo ; )

I haven’t run any benchmark tests but I can tell Discourse is faster, the upgrade process was quicker and so were backups.

So from an “eyeballing” perspective, I’m seeing quite a bit of difference from the upgrade.



Technically there should be a really big advantage of using NVMe, from what I have been able to test generally the NMVes offered by Cloud providers are at least 10x faster which would improve a lot of things.

Important to note that in some benchmarks I did I found the Cloud NVMe slower than a local SATA SSD (like the SSD in my PC), but still an improvement.

Adding to the NVMe change, Discourse gets a really good speed bump from the higher frequency, so that helps too.