Warn before blocking own IP address

I had an admin contact me recently because they had deleted a test user that they had created, and when they did, they accidently clicked the “…and block the IP” button, which then blocked them from their own forum. Had they been the only admin, they’d have had to fix this from the console (which FWIW, I don’t know how to do offhand and a quick search yields no answer for).

I’m a bit surprised that this particular way of shooting yourself in the foot doesn’t come up more. That button does look pretty scary, though.


Not a bad idea for a feature request but I would like to see it come up at least one more time before going on a snape hunt…

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Agreed! I am quite surprised that it doesn’t happen now often. I don’t remember seeing it before, and if there are two admins, it’s not that big a deal. Could be an issue if everyone is behind the same NAT, but we’ve not seen that either.