Warn staff before they move a topic into a category the topic owner cannot access


in our forum on forum.freifunk.net (German) it happens quite often, that topics from new users are moved to categories, where the author or thread started has no access to.

I’d like to suggest a warning during the moving if you’re about to move a topic into a category the thread started can’t access, yet, because of his user level.


You should have a clearly visible rule to regulars TL3 and above that stops them from doing this. Seems like a neat feature!

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  • Who moves those topics? Staff? TL3?

  • Why they move those topics?


Thanks for your answers.

It’s a hugh board with many categories.

I guess anyone who has the right to do so. It’s a community, where a lot of people feel the urge to structure discussions :slight_smile:.

Anyway, that’s all about usage habits. I still believe that at least a warning would be a good feature.

That’s what I mean. You need to make it clear where they can move things or things go to :poop:

I do agree that this would be useful in many aspects.

Can i suggest creating a guide/guideline.


  • Case :
    • We have many (> 500) users who are new and post in the wrong category . Example Introduction Category
    • We have users who have been granted per category moderation privileges . Ex moderation per category → Introduction .

Issue -

  • How to identify if the category to which the Topic is being moved , the original author has access privileges .

Current Workaround :Check user history /activity to check if he has posted previously in the category to which the post is to be moved and then move .

Where this fails , User has no previous activity but has access to the category to which the post is to be moved !!!

Maybe as a just-in-time education panel for staff… it’s not a bad idea, but the utility of it is rather limited.

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