Watch “XYZ” on YouTube

We have many topics with YouTube videos from different users that have titles like Watch “XYZ” on YouTube

Where do the superfluous “Watch” and “on YouTube” parts come from?

However, I can’t replicate this. If I put a YouTube link into the title of the composer in order to automatically pull the video, just the title “XYZ” gets inserted.

How to get rid of the superfluous added words before and after the video title? It must be something in the code, as I don’t think different users come up with the same idea to add these parts.

XYZ is just an example of different titles.



Do you have your site enabled to allow email in to create new topics? This language is used as the subject of an email when you click on the share button on the YouTube app and share video via email.

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Nope, all email-related settings regarding topics/posting are disabled.

Have you asked those users how they are creating those topics?

Not yet, but will do. I thought there is an easy answer for it originating from the code, as we have the same “phenomenon” for at least 4 different users.

If you have your forum installed on Android as a PWA you can share directly from youtube to the forum (without having to copy/paste the link) with the title “Watch XYZ on YouTube”


Thanks, ok so I have to automatically change the title either via API or with a plugin in a post-process.

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Oh wow cc @falco I never would have guessed this – thanks @Steven!


Yes, the share target API is a great way to natively share a cool youtube video with your community using the same workflow every user is familiar with on their phone.

It’s also on my list to add support to direct share media like photos and videos directly from the camera app next.


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