We need a "large fonts" and "small fonts" theme to ship with Discourse

No just overall UI font size on these. Though they should probably offer both dark and light variants.

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it needs to be polished but are you thinking in something like this?


It is a good start, I suggest eating your own dog food with large and small font themes – participate in replies and topics, visit all pages on the site and verify nothing is messed up or looks broken / weird, etc.

Actually @Mittineague do you mind if I tap you to do this work? We can negotiate an amount that is fair if $100 doesn’t cut it or it turns out to be a bigger project than anticipated?

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So, I am in for assisting the team to build big font and small font themes.

I think we should be making every text larger with large theme. The users who choose the large font size is the ones who has either eye sight problem, or the ones who loves everything in big.

would it be too crazy if we apply it in meta/somewhere?

dogfooding it like what meta did with dark theme

Not a good idea anyway. Because, now meta plays as the front face of our discourse community

These are user-selectable themes so it would be worthwhile encouraging everyone here to try each theme for just one day. This removes the risk of upsetting new users or those who don’t want to participate.

This is the best user group to try it on because of all the UX designers, community managers, plug-in authors and other developers.

I’d respond to a request to help in this sort of way and use a few more features than I usually would. The overhead for each of us would be small but the bug-finding and opinions should be awesome.


I just mucked around with this per:

html, .cooked {
    font-size: 18px;
    line-height: 22px;

.list-controls .category-breadcrumb a.badge-category.category-dropdown-button {
    margin-left: -5px;

.topic-list .badge-wrapper {
    font-size: 15px !important;
    line-height: 18px !important;

.topic-list .badge-wrapper.bullet .badge-category-bg {
    position: relative;
    top: 5px;
    font-size: 15px;
    line-height: 18px;



It seems kind of OK

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What do you think @Mittineague?

I ran into a road block (a victim of my own device) that looks to have been finally rectified. I am preparing to test my “1.2em” approach as soon as my dev install is finished rebuilding by entering the CSS into Customize

For whatever reason, I was thinking there was a way to pull in the CSS similar to how plugins can be added to app.yml so that they will appear in the UI and not need to be entered into Customize. I notice Sam’s files have .json and .scss files, but I’m sure I’m missing a crucial piece to the puzzle here somewhere.


Themes are way more flexible than plugins, you simply check it in to GitHub and then anyone can import it. For the large font one we will seed an extra theme in the theme file.

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Thanks, I didn’t think it would be that easy!
I’ll put up a repo now.

can be found here


We are deferring this until 1.9 as @sam thinks it will work best as a mixin type of deal. I tend to agree, since having

  • dark, large font
  • dark, small font
  • blue, large font
  • blue, small font

… gets excessive pretty quick.


The idea here is to allow for “user selectable, theme components”

That way you can add a bunch of user selectable theme components, that are selectable in conjunction with any theme.

That way the user prefs page will show

select your theme
[ dark theme v] 

[ ] large font

Any news on this? I could use bigger text for some of my users that have accessibility issues regarding sight…

Maybe I’m missing something. Why can’t users just take advantage of the zoom feature of their browser? Things seem to scale up fine in my simple test just now.

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No news, user selectable theme components is probably going to land for next release.

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Ok! Let me know if you need some real world scenario betatesting of the large font theme.
I have the perfect people to try it out. Experienced forum users with eyesight accessibility challenges.


Oh cool thanks for this info