Webhook Not Run (or WP-Discourse Plugin Not Receiving It?) at Comment

Hi all,

I have v1.9.0.beta12 +5 and have a working webhook setup as below:

I’m hooking it up to WP-Discourse for the WordPress plugin.

When I post a new reply in a Topic, the webhook runs (the verify_discourse_webhook_request in the WP plugin code runs).

But when I edit a reply in that discussion, no webhook gets sent over to my blog.

I can’t be 100% sure that it’s Discourse not sending it, maybe the WP plugin isn’t receiving it, but right now it seems like an issue on the Discourse end.

Can someone show me how to verify that a webhook gets generated upon edit from the Discourse end? Or check to see if this is working for anyone else?


Discourse should be sending the webhook when a post is edited. I’ve tested it out on the latest version of Discourse and it’s working correctly for me. You can test it yourself by clicking on the ‘Go to events’ button on the bottom of the webhook edit page. Try editing a post and see if a new event shows up.


You’re right, thank you very much. Will move my debugging to the WP-Discourse side of things and may ask them to help there if I can’t figure it out.