Webhook Successful, Post Not Displaying

Hi, all. I successfully set up a web hook between Discourse and WordPress, and when I post in Wordpress, it does show up in the appropriate Discourse category.

However, when I post in Discourse it does not show up as a post in WordPress. There is a Successful Delivery Status on the Webhooks page, but neither that Payload page link nor my blog page are showing the new post from Discourse.

Suggestions would be appreciated, my guess is this is a simple step I’m missing!

Are you using the Discourse WordPress plugin? If so, setting up a webhook will only tell the plugin to update the Discourse comments for a post that has been published to Discourse the next time that post is requested on WordPress. The purpose of the webhook is to eliminate unnecessary API requests from WordPress to Discourse. If the webhook is working correctly, what should happen is that after a new comment is added to a Discourse topic, the next time that topic’s associated WordPress post is visited it should display the new comment.

To get a Discourse webhook to create a new post on WordPress would require adding some code to WordPress to handle the webhook request and create the post.

Hi, Simon. Yes, I’m using the plugin. And would simply like to have new posts made in Discourse in the selected category to display in WordPress. Sounds like that should happen, but I’m still missing some configuration somewhere. Would they show up in the Page designated for posts, or is there something else I need to set up?

Thank you, appreciate you taking the time and lending your insights!

What the plugin can do is display Discourse comments for posts that you have published from WordPress to Discourse. It won’t create new WordPress posts from topics or posts that are created on Discourse.

Ah, okay. Will experiment with just that – thank you!

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