Webhooks for Topic Timers

(Justin DiRose) #1

On my forum, I queue up posts in a shared drafts category and use topic timers to automatically post them to the appropriate public category when ready. I have a webhook set up to send data to Zapier to track this content, but it currently doesn’t fire when changing categories manually or via the topic timer.

I also have a few categories set for this workflow.

Do I have this misconfigured? If not, is this by design?



I believe this should fall inside the scope of a topic event trigger, but it hasn’t been implemented yet?

I have the same situation, added feature request here: Trigger webhook on topic publish

There was a similar commit recently: FEATURE: Trigger topic webhook when topic status is updated. · discourse/discourse@66d620f · GitHub perhaps @tgxworld knows if trigger for topic publish is on the roadmap?


(Alan Tan) #4

See Trigger webhook on topic publish


(Alan Tan) closed #5