Website contact form → anonymous topic

I want to have support forum for not authenticated users on our website.

From what I read on this forum it should be possible to configure one “support” category where only support agents will have access, so they can reply to topics send to something like and customers will get the reply to they mail what they can reply to back.

But how can I create this topics by API? In docs I see only option to create topic for the registered user, but not for just email address without account.

We will have multiple forms, each dedicated to one “support agent”. How to “assign” a topic the right user, so only him will be able to see it and only him will receive notification? I know I can mention him, but I do not want to send the customer notification about the new message bit this mention on the body.

Ideally I would like to use private messages for that, but as I know they can not be between registered user and anonymous email address.

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If you enable enable staged users staff can create PMs to arbitrary email addresses.

So you would create a PM via the API to the @support group and