Website looks different on different browsers

I have customized my discourse website. The website look good on chrome, but when using safari a lot of the element on the website har positioned differently. I read a lot of articles only, and found something which could possibly solve my problem. To solve my problem I should add the normalize.css file.
Normalize.css: Make browsers render all elements more consistently..
My question is, where should I add this file?

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I’m pretty sure the Discourse CSS is already normalized. Instead, the problem may lie with the style rule choices you are using. Chrome sometimes renders things differently than Safari (or Firefox).

I’d maybe start by taking a look at a single element on Safari and Chrome, figure out what’s displaying incorrectly, narrow down the rule that’s causing it, then researching if there’s a cross-browser way to fix it.


Be sure to try out safe mode:

If you can not repro the issue in safe mode, it can simply be the theme you have chosen or built.