Website metrics after import from SMF

About six months ago we imported our forum from SMF, and of course we lost all old statistics.
The forum is online since 2005, and I was wondering whether it would be possible to parse and recalculate the metrics to include the years where we were not using Discourse.

It’s conceivable, but it’d be a pretty big job, probably harder than writing a new importer from scratch since there are few exemplars for how to handle it.

Which stats do you want to move over? What do you have available?

If it’s worth more than $1000 then I might be able to figure something out.


Hi @pfaffman, no not really, I do not have such a budget nor the stats are so worthy.
It would have been nice to be able to launch something like a rake task to calculate, for example, the basic stats that are available on the Administration console.
That’s all :slight_smile:

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