Weird Blank Space Under Post

My original topic got deleted, so here are the repro steps.

  1. Open up full post from a quote. Clicking the down arrow
  2. Scroll up to the very top of the topic
  3. Scroll back down to the post. You should see a white space under it.

Can you find a post here on meta where this is happening?


I can repro this on this post:

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I can reproduce with that post as well, by using the arrow/icon that shows the whole post above.


I’ve had this happen to me many times, but I’ve never found clear enough repro steps to report it.

Bumping because this hasn’t been fixed for a while. Any updates/plans to fix this?

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Just seen the big blank space in a PM topic on my instance. I see the div for the head post has a min-height of 1561.19p and I can’t see why it should have any min-height. There are no images nearby. We have no plugins or adverts.

Screenshot (scaled down massively)

Here’s a clip from Chrome’s inspect window:

I’m running Google Chrome 116.0.5845.110 on Mac OS.

Is it similar to this one?

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Ah, yes, I think it might be. Feel free to move my post. Also, might it be related to “topic list previews”? That’s the default theme and my preferred theme. I selected a different theme and it didn’t seem to happen, on my instance.

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