Discourse is ending support for Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) on June 1, 2020

Why is Discourse dropping IE11 support?

From the beginning, Discourse has been built for the future of the internet. Discourse relies on current, evolving web standards as it is developed. Microsoft is no longer updating IE11 to support modern web standards, they are only providing security updates and support. Given the lack of updates, Discourse development has become hindered by IE11. When new features are developed, they frequently require IE-specific code to ensure they work as expected, as they make use of technologies which are not (and will never be) supported by IE.

What is the timeline?

  • Jan 2020: This announcement goes live.

  • Jan 2020: New warning banner added to Discourse users accessing sites via IE alerting them to the upcoming drop of support. Site admins may customize the banner text as they see fit.

  • Jan 2020: Support for accessing the Discourse admin panel via IE11 will be dropped. Admins will receive an error message.

  • Mar 2020: All Discourse release notes will include a reminder about the upcoming drop in IE11 support, and link to this announcement,

  • Jun 1, 2020: Support for IE11 dropped. Users accessing Discourse sites from IE will see a readonly, basic HTML view, along with an “upgrade browser” banner.

How do I prepare?

Your users should be encouraged to upgrade to a modern, standards compliant browser, prior to June 1. This includes the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome among others.

What is the readonly, basic HTML view?

The readonly, basic HTML view is a simplified view of Discourse that does not require modern web standards. Users accessing this view will not be able to sign up or log in - only public content is accessible. Users will be able to browse the topic list, view topics/replies, and see the post like count. All other features, including searching, liking, bookmarking, viewing user profiles, infinite scroll, etc. are not supported.


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We recognize that there will be some users who only have access to IE11 due to company policy or older devices. They will have access to the readonly HTML view.


This is coming up soon. :skull_and_crossbones:


That is great and all, but what about users who rely on communicating to people VIA Discourse (or other scenarios like that)? I wish that I could’ve addressed this question earlier, but I didn’t know about the announcement until today.

It’s been announced since at least January 7, and they’re was considerable discussion before then. You can delay upgrading if you want. If you’re sad about IE11 support, blame Microsoft.


Did Internet Explorer 11 support end a day earlier than it was supposed to?

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IE11 support has been disabled on Meta for weeks - we’ve been using it for testing.


And no one has reported noticing until now.


I think that truly confirms the fact that barely anybody actually visits Discourse forums on Internet Explorer 11… :laughing:


Well, the people who visit the Meta Discourse forums are surely a very small subset of the people who use Discourse forums in general.

Regardless, I for one am happy to see IE11 support dropped and would love if more web applications dropped support. Supporting IE11 either means limiting yourself to pre-ES6 features or having to deal with transpiling in order to use the latest features. In my experience, neither of those is a pleasant option compared to just using the latest natively supported language features.

On that note, a question to the dev team: Will dropping IE11 support allow you to remove the transpiling aspect of the application or will that still be needed for other reasons?


We won’t be removing it, but we can certainly tweak the parameters so that fewer features need to be transpiled into ‘old fashioned’ javascript! :smiley:

In particular we are looking forward to being able to use modern browser features which aren’t possible to transpile (e.g. CSS grid). Previously, we would either have to avoid these features, or develop two versions: one for IE11, one for everyone else.


Yes, that is true, but I still cannot imagine that many people access Discourse forums VIA Internet Explorer 11.

With Internet Explorer 11 out of the picture, Discourse can innovate like never before.


:mega: Today is June 1, 2020

This commit removes support for Internet Explorer 11 in Discourse. This change will be live in tests-passed imminently, and will hit beta later today.