Weird sort order when search topics/posts with "in:first" and "order:latest" combination

When I search for topics and posts, with the Sort by Latest Post option, I see that the order is not at all sorted by latest post.

MASS MERGE RECORDINGS and MERGE HELPOR 2 are the last updated topics (19h), and they should have come first in the list.

They actually come first when using Sort by Relevance.

I will try to reproduce on meta or test.

I think it’s because you search in:first. The post you get as a result is not 19h old, it seems to be from 2017.
But I understand your problem. If searching in:first there is no difference between sort by latest post and sort by latest topic.
Is an example here at meta.
The result shown last (Configuring Facebook login for Discourse) has newer latest posts than the first result


Thank you @Moin, you found the cause!
I have updated the topic title.
Using the default Sort by Relevance seems like a nice workaround, anyway.

I don’t think this is a bug? If you use the in:first filter by latest it will give you the results of the first post in date order. This seems to be working as expected?

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As it’s a topic search result list with the latest option, I think we could expect it to be ordered with recently updated topic on top.

Even if we use in:first to narrow down the results drastically.

Maybe it would be a feature instead of a bug?

Oh but yes, I can use by relevanceto get what I want, I forgot that.

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