"Welcome Message" is really an *activation message*

Not quite sure where to put this…

Continuing the discussion from New signups not receiving welcome email:

Thinking this was a new forum that wasn’t sending mail, I helpfully recommended:

(Which seemed helpful, if a bit snarky, and someone closed the topic, so I wasn’t the only one…)

But (in a PM I learned that) I got it wrong. The real issue here is that the “Welcome Email” is really an activation email , and if you use an auth provider that “welcome message” isn’t sent.

I think this isn’t the first time that someone’s been confused by this and there’s even Automatic Welcome Message To New Users, which addresses this ‘there is no welcome message’ issue.


Sorry, I’m not following? What is this reporting?

Some people think of the activation message that validates email addresses is a “welcome message” that welcomes all new users to the forum. It’s then confusing when users use an oauth login and then are not sent that email. This has come up a few times.

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OK, I’m unclear… what’s the “fix” for this? Change the words used? Where specifically? Can you provide screenshots or copy-paste specific emails so I can understand what you mean?

Well, I think that it’s this:


And quite frankly, I don’t know what to do to keep people from thinking that this is a welcome message sent to all new users rather than the activation email that it is.

Maybe if

Welcome to %{site_name}!

was instead

Thanks for joining %{site_name}! You're almost there.

Maybe the word “welcome” is what is confusing? Now that I’m looking at this more closely, I really don’t know why people get this misunderstanding. @Paul_King1, can you help explain why you expected this to be a message that went to all users and not just those who needed to validate their email address?


Good point. I agree.

100% the word “Welcome”. That was the first thing that came to my mind (a “Welcome” email for all users).

Personally for me… “Activation” says it requires activating (an additional action to complete registration!). Because I only use 1 login option (third-party), I would have realized straight away that there would be no need for an “Activation” email… But as it said “Welcome”, I was still expecting my “Welcome” email (which never arrived, and was never supposed to arrive!) :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have read this topic 3 times and I still don’t really understand what the issue is? I guess we can add copy, but … I don’t know that we’re seeing a global influx of support requests about this particular email?

@sam @eviltrout can you weigh in here? I am truly lost.

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I see where it’s coming from but I have a really hard time imagining that this affects a Discourse’s usage in a material way. My advice would be for those site owners who don’t like the text to customize it themselves.

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Not a surge, but I remember a few people confused by the “welcome message” not getting sent, but likely no more than a very few outer year. I think it’s likely more sure to people expecting such because of other forums. The proposed edit is pretty subtle. It might not help.