Welcome Régis Hanol to the Discourse team

The Discourse Team has always been intentionally small. We did have plans to add a team member sometime after the public launch of the project. But we wanted just the right person, someone brave enough to take on the risk of a project as broadly ambitious as Discourse, someone willing to prove to us that…

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Oh yeah, this makes a lot of sense. Making it official is hardly a transition anymore with all the great contributions made by @zogstrip. Nice!


What is $25? Also, I don’t understand the orphan joke.

Both of those things are related to the image in the post about the Pony Express.

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Oh, I ignored the image. Sori.

Just curious @zogstrip, did you expect to get hired by Jeff because you were a frequent contributor? Congratulations man! Very well deserved.

I am curious, why did you ignore the image? I promise this is not a loaded question or anything.

I am actually wondering if it has anything to do with your eyes trying to skip over ads. I notice that I do that sometimes.

I am so disgusted with sites that I go to (especially for news) that are inundated with ads. When I see an article that uses imagery to actually support the article they are in, I sometimes have to pause and recognize the image as something other than noise.

I ignored the image too. I can only guess at why, but here goes:

In traditional media (like a novel or a newspaper article), pictures are illustrations that enhance the text. You can read the text and have all of the meaning, and at any time, you can read the picture.

Usually, when I come to Illustrations, or Block Quotes, or Pull Quotes or those ‘Did you know?’ sections in a magazine article, I go right past it, and make a mental note to come back to it. I prefer to reach the end of a paragraph first, if possible, before I interrupt my reading of the text to study one of these ‘asides’.

So I’m guessing that’s what I did here. So when I got to the end, I was all like “damn, $25? that’s it? I guess this project is at its core just about building things with internet style love afterall…Even so, I feel like I missed something. Let me go back and read again…”

I went back to the beginning (not a very long piece after all). I read it again. “Hmm… I’m guessing this $25 thing is just something you are already supposed to know - some standard FOSS-style kudos I’m not familiar with maybe… or maybe he made some reference in another article on the Blog or the FAQ or something”.

Then I let it go. And I decided to take a look at that image. Not because I thought it had the answer, just because I was done with the text and ready to move on to the ‘good stuff I had saved for last’. “Aha!” and “Ha! Pretty crazy stuff that pony express thing!”

But Jeff’s writing style is 21st century. The non-text media is decidedly part of the content. Its something a modern reader may take for granted. Or maybe not. Either way its fun, and unexpected and some of us just take a little while to catch up sometimes.

… TMI?


@happycollision this explains why I skipped it, and in more words than I would have invested.

Congrats @zogstrip your contributions to the application is indeed helpful.

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I know I’m late, but better late than never. Congratulations @zogstrip, you truly deserved it man. Keep 'em coming. :thumbsup:

Cool un français!! Congratulations!!! And thanks. I love your project. Somehow proud and reassured to have one of us in this dev just for my users’ POV.

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