Welcome to Discourse post lost


I mistakenly deleted the post called “Welcome to Discourse”.

However I created a new post with the same title.

Now when I run the wizard, it can’t find it.

Could you please help me?




There is a hidden welcome_topic_id site setting. I have not tested this, but it seems likely that entering your site’s Rails console and setting the welcome_topic_id to the ID of the new welcome topic you have created might fix the issue.


Maybe things could be improved here, but I’m not sure if this is an actual bug. If you have deleted the original welcome topic, and then made a new one, it won’t re-show up inside of the wizard. You will just need to edit the topic text like you would for any other topic instead of using the wizard.

Even the original step (if the topic is found) says,

If you are not sure, you can skip this step and edit your welcome topic later.

In addition to editing the topic text, you may need to pin it globally so that it behaves like the original welcome topic.