"Welcome to" post in categories page

It seems that when you create a new category a default “Welcome to this category” topic is created. It also seems I cannot delete this. Is this normal? I am sure I have been to forums that don’t have that there. Also, it doesn’t seem to be counted in topic count?

Is this something a can fiddle around with somewhere in the settings? Can I hide the welcome to category threads or is it an important part of the discourse best practices to have it there?

New to discourse, just trying to learn my way around!

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Also, it seems the only way to write the welcome content is to generate the category and then go and edit the text in the welcome post. This then shows that the post has been edited and seems messy. Is there no way to specify this content as you are creating the category?

Are you looking to delete the default welcome thread entirely?

I’m just trying to understand how it is controlled. Is it possible to delete it entirely? It seems to me like it is some special category of topic that can’t be deleted and doesn’t show up on topic count.

Yes, it is normal for discourse and that is how the category descriptions are set.

Yes, you can unlist it, then only admins will be able to see it

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Thank you for your explanation, and I think I now understand the infrastructure a bit better. So impressed with Discourse, and so very excited to set up my community! :grin:


no worries, don’t be shy to ask.

the following category can also be helpful

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How to insert a category box into a post like that?

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I took the url and just posted it ==> https://meta.discourse.org/c/howto/10


Is there a cleaner way to set this text other than by creating the default “Replace this first paragraph…” and then editing it? With this way the post always shows up as edited and the default text always shows up in the edit history which seems messy?

No, there is no other way. It is best not to overthink it as only the admins can find these posts if you unlist them.

if you really want the history not to show, look for a setting called edit history visible to public

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You can hide the revision, so normal users cannot view it