Hide 'Site Feedback' from public view

Hi, as per the title. Can this be done?

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Yes, just like any other category, you should be able to make it private and/or for certain trust levels.

@Qursch, how is that done?
When I edit the category and go to the Security tab, I see a warning that tells me this this is a default category. I can see that everybody has access, but there is no way of changing that permission.

The message says to delete it rather than re-purpose it. Is this safe?

As long as you don’t mind losing any posts in the category (if there are any,) deleting it is fine. It is best to make sure you have another category before deleting it because forums with no categories look weird. (Not sure if discourse allows 0 categories, shrug.)


Ok, thanks for the tip.
This is a new forum being setup so there aren’t any posts in it other than the default.

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