Wellfed plugin - YouTube RSS feed not working

Hi all,

Has anyone used Wellfed RSS plugin? It’s working great for most RSS feeds, but I can’t get it to work with YouTube RSS feeds - no content is being imported.

Does anyone have any advice please? Do I need to do something differently than a regular RSS feed?

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Of course!



Well, then you might want to ask @xrav3nz :wink:

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Thank you. I have just messaged @xrav3nz.

Hey @christian_01, thanks for checking out the plugin!

Do you see any errors in the logs (https://discourse.yoursite.com/logs)? Do you have an example YouTube feed URL that I could use to test?


Hey @xrav3nz, thanks for getting back in touch. Here are a couple of URLs to test:



I’ve asked my developer to check the error logs. I will report back shortly.

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FYI, we have a self-hosted site running on a Digital Ocean server.

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I have another bug @xrav3nz I hope you can help with.

Some feeds aren’t being categorised properly, even though the are set up correctly in the plug-in setting.

Please see - BCW

You’ll notice a lot of feeds aren’t labelled correctly under ‘News’ when they should be - they have no label in fact.

I hope you can provide some assistance.

<feed ... xmlns:media="http://search.yahoo.com/mrss/">

It appears that the YouTube’s feed uses the Media RSS extension. Both Discourse core and the Wellfed plugin relies on the Ruby RSS module to parse feeds, but it does not support that extension.

I don’t have plans to add supports for the extension, but I am open to PRs! I imagine the change will need to teach the Ruby RSS module and DiscourseWellfed::FeedItem about the new elements.

Could you share (or DM me):

  • the feed URL, and
  • your set up for that feed in Customize > Embedding > Allowed Hosts

Hi, @xrav3nz, I have the same problem.
Here is feed url :


For me only cointelegraph going to news category.
And here is “Allowed hosts”

Could you check it.


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Hi @bintom, I believe it can be fixed by simply adjusting your settings:

  • change coindesk's allowed host to www.coindesk.com
  • change ccn's path whitelist to .* or /news/.*

I didn’t test the last one, but the change required is along the same lines. :wink: I will add a section in the plugin’s README noting this common pitfall.

Please note that changing the setting will not retroactively update the existing topics, but any new topics should be posted to the designated category.

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thank @xrav3nz for your help

Hi @xrav3nz.

I’m still having a little trouble, but I can’t figure it out.

The issue is where there are multiple sections/categories of a third-party site that I want to pull feeds in from.

For instance, this site (https://www.delphix.com/resources) has feeds for:


I want to pull them all in using their different RSS feeds, but they are all appearing in the same category on my site (‘Blogs’). Below is how I have set up the feeds in the plugin. Have I incorrectly configured the ‘Path Whitelist’?

Have you solve your problem?

Greetings, guys!
Does youtube rss import works?
I try, but not work for me =(

It doesn’t work as standard, no. I had to get a custom plugin for this.

I added support for Youtube RSS feeds on a PR: