Allow admins to set new topics category in the plugin settings

Simplify setting the feed’s category

Currently the feed URL is set on the RSS plugin’s page (/admin/plugins/rss_polling), but the Discourse category (or categories) that the feed items are published to is set by creating one or more Allowed Hosts records on the site’s Customize / Embedding page. Ideally, the category (or categories) that the feed is published to could be set on the plugin’s page.

Possibly set the feed’s Discourse category based of the Feed domain?

This is a question, because I’m not sure if site’s are relying on the plugin’s current behaviour to publish feed topics to multiple Discourse categories. Currently, the Discourse category that the feed is published to is set by the value of the link attribute for each feed item. The link attribute’s domain is what is added to the Allowed Hosts field on the Embedding page. This behaviour is both difficult to explain and requires the feed to be loaded directly in the browser in order to see the values that are used for the link attributes.

The above behaviour does have the benefit of allowing a single RSS feed to be published to multiple Discourse categories based on the feed’s link domains. It would be great to get some feedback from sites that are using the plugin to find out if they are depending on this behaviour. When dealing with customer support issues for Discourse, I’m finding that it’s generally expected that the feed’s domain, and not the feed item’s link domains will be used to set the category.


I have a PR that adds this feature: